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    With its striking wave-like design, Jumeirah Beach Hotel's five-star resort is one of Dubai’s most instantly recognisable structures. Happily for our guests, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai is equally famed for its amazing value and sheer wealth of options to enjoying your stay.

  • The Ajman Palace

    The Ajman Palace is a heritage resort with a modern spirit! Balancing world-class facilities with the legendary Arabian hospitality, it offers 254 beautiful rooms, suites and service residences, a remarkable range of restaurants, an array of leisure options and personalized service in a tranquil atmosphere to make your stay memorable. The grand exterior beckons with beautiful wind towers and an arch-shaped entrance that are symbolic of traditional Arabian architecture. The interiors are equally inviting and desirable blending modern design with exquisite Arabesque touches and the use of Mashrabiya decorative fretwork.

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